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Nurit Gur Lavy (Karni) was born in 1952, lives and works in Kfar Yona. Studied at the Israel Hershberg School in Jerusalem (2000). Graduated from HaMidrasha School of Art in Ramat HaSharon (1984). Holds a Bachelor's Degree in special education and history from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1975).

In recent years, she engages with political-geographic and socio-historical mapping of the landscape, manifested in images taken from the worlds of local botany and cartography. Her works have a diary like biographical nature, as she visually and critically examines her changing environment. She paints in different artistic languages that range from the figurative to the abstract and with diverse materials that include classic materials like oil on canvas and alternative materials like markers on pieces of wood veneer, pigment on used ceramic plates and more. 

She exhibited solo exhibitions and in group exhibitions in museums and galleries in Israel and worldwide. Her works are included in the collections of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Ein Harod Museum, Library of Congress, Washington, Yona Fisher collection at the Ashdod Museum of Art and in private Israeli and international collections. 
Additional meaningful landmarks
Won the 2019 Minister of culture and Sport price
Won a 6 month residency award at La Cité in Paris in 2008 through the Ministry of Culture, and was invited for a returning residency at the Paris La Cité for short periods of time over three years. 

Won the 2012 Ministry of Culture Artistic Encouragement Award. 

 her works from the series "Aerial Photography, Gaza" and "Czech Service", were exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in the show "Blue-and-White Delftware" (curator: Doron Lurie). 
In fall 2016 Nurit's artist book "Flora Palestina" came out in print .The book presents a selection of her art devoted to painting the flowers and plants of the land of Israel.